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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mining Secrets for the Imago-Dei

Hey folks! I need your help!

We've been talking a lot in class lately about how mankind was created in God's image. We're not just looking at the biblical / theological data; we're also trying to understand what that looks like in people's lives. My assignment for this coming week is to see how real people think about the image of God in man.

I suspect that few of us sit around pondering questions like this, but I'll bet that most of us do think deeply about life - about things we love, or hate, or fear the most. Interestingly, we often tend to keep these deep thoughts hidden from others. Secrets can be a wonderful window into the human soul, revealing what we think about God and ourselves...

So I'd like to try mining some secrets, and that's where you come in. Here's how you can help me:
  1. take a few minutes and look at Post Secret. This is a fascinating little site where people anonymously send in postcards that reveal a deep dark secret they've never told anyone. Look closely and you can learn a lot about what makes people tick.

  2. pick one postcard that moves you the most (either in a Yesss! or Nooo! sort of way). Right-click on the postcard image and copy the link location (or, if you don't know how to do that, just jot down the text).

  3. leave a brief anonymous comment on this post telling me:
    a) which postcard you selected (link or text)
    b) why (ie. what grabbed you about this particular card)
    c) (opt) what you think it reveals about the author's heart

  4. (opt) email this link to a friend or two and invite them to participate as well. If you are a blogger, please consider linking to this post or "tagging" some of your blogster friends to participate.
That's it! Your responses will help me gather data about how people think about God and about themselves. If I get enough feedback, then I'll try and write some kind of summary next Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks for all your help!


At 6:56 PM, October 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I guess I'll go first.

a) Which card: "I will never fit my most painful secrets on this 4x6 space. I am jealous of those who can."

b) Why? Because this seems like me - all of life just seems hard.

c) What does it reveal? Hmm... maybe that they have experienced a lot of pain (life sucks), that they don't really have anyone to share it with (lonely), and maybe even a little bitterness (jealousy that others have it better). Not sure what they think about God (although it certainly doesn't seem like he's done anything for them)

At 6:49 PM, October 02, 2005, Blogger Marilyn said...

I picked this because it demonstrates that all of us want to believe in miracles and a higher being who is in control in some measure or another. The sad thing is that they somehow think that it is being hidden on purpose as opposed to being revealed in Jesus. I think this person is searching and I therefore hold out hope for them. What they really want is that relationship which God gives us through Jesus.

At 8:30 AM, October 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a) "I wish I had someone to write to on this stationary"

b) I guess it jumped out at me with it's simplicity, it shows the realisation many people face that material possessions don't make up for the missing sense of community and meaningfull relationships...

At 10:07 PM, October 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a) The card "Your heroes failed"

b)I find myself looking for an unfailable hero myself

c)This author may have lost faith in thier "father/mother figure" and maybe take that person's or persons' failure and projects that onto any potential "hero" that may enter thier life in the future.

At 7:19 AM, October 05, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I chose the postcard with the pennies

I chose it because I believe I'm not the only person in this world who hasn't had an extreme emotional issue to deal with. Not that life is boring or that I don't think I could handle the unexpected, I was just was happy to see that someone sent in something representing hope rather than anger, resentment, or shame.

What does this card reveal? Regardless of their faith, there are still people who care about others and stive to be good. And that fascinates me.

At 1:24 PM, October 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Choosing the postcard was the easy part. I admit that I wrote a message from another student in my yearbook...not something I like to admit to.

I did that at a time in my life when I compared myself a lot with others, and never felt like I measured up, so felt I needed to create something to add to my simple and normal life.

What a trap we fall into, when we neglect to see our life and person as the blessing it is from God. I no longer think of myself or my life in that way, and it really hasn't changed dramatically from the high school years. It's more what perspective the Lord has shown me about what is important to Him, what He delights in, and the following contentment that brings.

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