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Friday, December 31, 2004

RSS Feeds

SeeLifeDifferently is set up as an RSS feed, which means that if you have an RSS compatible email client, you can automatically be notified via email anytime a new entry is posted to the blog. Translation for the terminally non-technical (you know who you are) - "When we post to the blog, you get the post via email" (that way, you won't wear out your keyboard by hitting Ctrl-R all day long as you sit waiting with bated breath, wondering what we will say next).

Cool. Just what you were waiting for.

If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client (and you should be!), there's a handy link right here that tells you how to set it up. If you are using Outlook (ugg!), Google lists a number of options (although I can't vouch for any of them). I have no idea if this is available for GMail (or similar web email clients).

The blog feed URL is:


At 7:48 AM, October 09, 2008, Blogger The Dooleys said...

If you paste your feed into, you'll be able to setup an RSS feed that most any Reader (My Yahoo, Google Reader, etc) can use.


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