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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stunned, Amazed, Embarrassed

Wow. I am stunned, amazed, and slightly embarrassed to admit this: I have just stumbled across the first piece of rap music that I actually like (as in, "I'd consider buying the album based on what I just heard"). It's called Take The Long Way (snippet 1 | snippet 2) by Po' Girl, and it reminds me of a cross between americana, bluegrass, jazz, and rap. Wow. I am mesmerized...

Why am I writing about this? Because as much as I disdain rap, I figure I better own up to it when I find something I'm actually impressed by. Kudos to Zoe Montana over at RadioIO Acoustic for dishing up that one. I feel like my view of the universe has just subtly yet significantly shifted...

(Update: so how much did this song grab me? Enough that I did just something I've never, ever, done before - I signed up for iTunes and bought my very own copy of the track for .99 cents... cool!)


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