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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mental Filibusters

Andree Seu had this to say over at World Magazine recently...
Bravo, Miguel, for not bogging down in "Who is my neighbor?" and other mental filibusters. Bravo, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, for paying the supreme price for a life of faith rather than abstraction. "We have literally no time to sit down and ask ourselves whether so-and-so is our neighbor or not," wrote the German pastor executed by Nazis weeks before war's end. The rich young man "had hoped to avoid committing himself to any definite moral obligations by forcing Jesus to discuss his spiritual problems. . . . Only the devil has an answer for our moral difficulties, and he says, 'Keep on posing problems, and you will escape the necessity of obedience'" (The Cost of Discipleship).
If you appreciate the value of this statement (and I hope you do), then I'd highly recommend you click here for the full article...

(Hat Tip: Random Mind)


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