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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Save Toby!

Calling all girls, greeners, animal lovers, even Carl Trueman: Act now to Save Toby!
(Thanks to Ainsley for tipping me off to this)

Now, as for the rest of you (yes, you PETA folks are included), grab the salt and pepper and visit us in Montana this summer (we'll have Toby's whole family over for dinner!)
(this PSA brought to you by the friendly folks at SLD, where we really do "See Life Differently")


At 10:22 PM, March 24, 2005, Blogger rs said...

YOU REDNECKS! HOW COULD YOU EAT THAT POOR BUNNY? (What time did you say dinner with Toby would be?)

HA HA! That is awesome!

At 11:48 PM, March 25, 2005, Blogger Mark Traphagen said...

That guy's received over $30,000 already.

So I'm thinking of starting a save Christian website to finance my seminary tuition. Anyone know any good "Montana boy" recipes?


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