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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Global Warming?

The Banty Rooster has put his finger on what bothers me with the whole "Global Warming" thing.
Here's an article on how global warming is causing the glaciers in the Himalayas to grow. Yes, you read that right. Global warming causes glaciers to get bigger. You see, global warming is an amazingly elastic one-size-fits-all explanation for anything and everything in ecology, climatology, meteorology and whatever "ology" to which you care to apply it. When glaciers melt, they splash big headlines on how this "proves" global warming. When glaciers grow, they splash headlines about how this, too, is because of global warming. Hmm. What is the common denominator? Global warming is the presupposed, assumed and presumed axiom. This is not science, whatever it is. In science, theories and hypotheses are falsifiable by the contrary evidence found in nature. In the worldview of environmental scare-mongers, all evidence points to global warming simply because it just must. It is the reigning ideology, and all must bend to its will.
Pop on over and check it all out...


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