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Thursday, July 27, 2006

all part of the process...

so, we haven't posted anything recently, but i'm realizing that is all part of the process. what do i mean by "process", you ask? well this whole fund-raising thing has really gotten me thinking.* (christian posted, "why fund-raising is beautiful" over at our project website if you're interested.) but i have to fill you in on some of the story first...

at the end of may, rachel and i moved in with her folks in south dakota. her parents have been a big help with the kids and with keeping costs down. however, it has been a struggle. there are now 4 people with an opinion on how to raise our boys. there are now 3 people who see my sin on a daily basis (and let me know about it). moreover, we are tempted more than ever to think, "if only we can get through this fund-raising process, then..." if only. if only.

for the past three years, we plowed our way through seminary. we spent all three years thinking, "if only we can get through seminary, then..." well here we are - on the other side, and life is just as busy, just as challenging, and i'm just as tired as i was when i was staying up half the night studying - maybe more so since now i'm up multiple times during the night with the baby.

lest this post feel like nothing more than a rant, i'll get back to the point. all of this is part of the process - and process is good. we've had the chance this summer to live in a little mini community at the in-law's house. this is what we want in missoula - to really know other people. to rub shoulders with people daily to the point of seeing their weaknesses and letting them see ours and being able to help each other grow. fund-raising hasn't been easy, but it has been a process that is teaching us to value the most important commodity we have on this earth - i'm not talking about money; i'm talking about other people. relationships are the only thing we can take with us from this earth. rachel and i have been learning the value of them.

where does the lord have you in process today? are you trying to resist it? do you, like us, find yourself saying "if only..., then..." most likely, whatever it is that you are saying that about is actually god's grace to you right now. it is the refining fire that he has ordained to point out the impurities in your life so he can burn them away. it is such a paradox though - learning to embrace god's process is a process in itself! press on.

*just as an fyi...we are currently at 75% of what we need to raise! This means we are below $1000/month which is an emotional marker. Unfortunately, we still can't even think about looking for housing until we hit at least 80%. So, please pray for us. And if you're feeling generous, click here to learn how you can get involved.


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