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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Krissy's Life Story

For those of you who were completely grossed out by my previous post on pillow fungi - hold that thought for a second and read this: Krissy's life story (part 1). Now ask yourself - "Why is my reaction so different?"

In both cases, we look beneath the surface to discover all kinds of muck - yet fungus is repulsive, whereas there's something powerfully attractive about a story like Krissy's. Why the difference? After all, they're both just life forms at different places on the evolutionary scale, right?

I think it's all about the image of God in each of us. You see, fungus in pillows sounds really gross until you hold it up next to a real person who has suffered - that throws everything into sharp relief, proper perspective, doesn't it? We somehow know that Krissy is the real story - she is the one who matters here.

Even if we can't explain it, we intuitively recognize her worth and significance, because she has been created in the image of God; fungus has not. At the same time, we also see ourselves in her - she is not that different from us, many of us have had similar experiences, been hurt in similar ways. We intuitively know that there is something fundamentally wrong in this world. Life is not functioning the way it was meant to be. Parents are not supposed to act like hers did, like we ourselves often do. We were meant for better things.

I don't know Krissy. Even though she only lives a couple of blocks away from me, I've never had the chance to meet her (although I'd like too). I only know her from a lone blog comment a couple of months ago, and an email or two since then.

I have no idea whether she is big, tall, skinny, fat, pretty, or ugly. But I do know this - she is beautiful. Not because she has it all together, but because she is human. There is a glory about her because she has been created in God's image and she is beginning to open herself up and reveal what's going on inside. Even more, there is something spiritual going on. I'm not entirely sure of the specifics, but it's obvious that something is happening.

Where am I going with all this? I have no idea. I just know that all our individual stories are part of a grander story, and I find it fascinating to watch it all unfold, to be able to get to know some of my fellow actors in this grand tale, to be able to share our experiences over coffee or beer. I also know that for whatever reason, God uses people like Krissy in our lives, and he uses people like us in hers. I don't understand that, but I'm thankful for it.

Where does it end? I don't know! For now, I'll just have to wait for part 2, and then play it by ear from there...


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