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Thursday, April 28, 2005

A River Runs Through It

Great quote from A River Runs Through It:
"The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana."
What I love about this quote, what I love about this movie, is that it paints a stunning portrait of the human experience. We see these people who choose to live in Missoula, MT because they think it's the closest you can get to paradise in the lower 48, and yet we discover that their lives are dysfunctional hells nonetheless.

So their predicament is our predicament too - we are all surrounded by the gifts of God, the beauty of his creation, the blessings of his grace, and yet we constantly find our lives unraveling. We struggle to maintain our grip, we long for meaning and fulfillment. You can put man back into the garden, but you can't get the garden back into man. Only Christ can.

If you haven't seen this movie, go rent it. If you have seen it, go rent it again and start praying for the church in Missoula...


At 9:31 PM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Mark Traphagen said...

Oh, man, Christian...if I watch that movie one more time I'm going to want to move out there to be your assistant pastor or something!

At 9:41 PM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Charles said...

I, being the city person, of course, haven't seen it. But I have seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, unlike my hick brothers and sisters in the Cryder family, so I feel vindicated.

Hey, maybe if your life is interesting out there they can make like a fake sequel to the movie. I mean Presbyterian Minister with two fly fishing sons in Montana. You pretty much got the whole plot there. Maybe they could call it A River Runs Through it 2: Return of the Cryders.

It could be like about how the PCA Jedi masters take the Church back from the evil Sith PCUSAers or something.

OK, you can tell I watch too much TV.

At 4:34 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Christian said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny Charles! Great idea!!! :-) I'm sure Micah will be all over it...

At 8:35 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Marilyn said...

Actually we have seen Willy Wonka, at least four of us have, and just didn't like it. It's not about "taking the church back from evil Sith PCUSAers". It's about giving the gospel to people who need it just as much as we do each and every day of our lives. It's about surprising them with the story of God's grace and redemption for a lost world. It's about working together as a people of God to give that news, not take them from other churches.

At 8:39 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Christian said...

Does this mean I don't get my very own lightsaber?

At 9:02 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Molly said...

Christian, with a little re-naming, you can certainly have the Christian equivalent of a light-saber, The Sword of the Spirit. You can also have a Bibleman cape and mask, and Marilyn can be Biblegirl!

Check it out: Bibleman Sword of the Spirit

At 9:14 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Christian said...

Wow. Now we know what Molly got out of church planting class. How do you find this stuff??? It's so...Random! :-)

(Of course now that you've mentioned it, I love the idea of Marilyn as Biblegirl... can we have matching outfits like in The Incredibles? But remember, No capes!)

At 11:21 AM, April 29, 2005, Anonymous Uncle Jake said...


So, you have seen the movie (excluding Charlesdog12, God Bless You), but have you read the book?

I leave for a couple of days, and look what happens!

Some FYI's:

Did you know that the movie was not filmed in Missoula, but in Bozeman instead?

That is not the cess pool Clark's Fork (thank you Butte), but is instead the Gallatin?

All of the away shots of the fishing/"shadow casting" are not actually of the actors, but stand-ins because the actors didn't know what end of a fly rod to grasp?

After exhausting instruction by several Jedi master fly fisherman (since in rehab), our fearless actors never were able to even land a fish by the end of the shooting?

Those beautiful bamboo fly rods are actually custom built high modulas graphite rods (Hexagraph, made in Wyoming last I checked) that were disguised to look like bamboo?

And you can never, ever, ever, even if you are a Jedi master, cast a true split Tonkin cane rod (the crem de le crem of Bamboo rods) like those rods were worked in the movie!

Okay, I will stop ranting and wipe the foam off my mouth. I think Christian and I have talked about this in the past, and if I was to continue, well, let's just say my last post would look short and trite:) !

But if anyone else wants to hear more, speak up!

P.S.- Did you know that Brad Pitt rhymes with Cat ....?

At 11:57 AM, April 29, 2005, Blogger Christian said...

I feel so chastised. Jake, aren't you supposed to be out electrocuting things today?


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