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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Script Kiddies & Jesus

[SLDAdmin: the link should be fixed now (the original one got slashdotted, sorry).]

And now for something completely different, I offer this: the account of a script kiddy who's not the sharpest tack in the box. I'm not sure if non-geek types will understand this, but anyone semi-technical should find it hilarious. (Just in case you're confused: is always the address for 'your own machine'...attack that address and you are attacking yourself. A hacker who doesn't know this isn't much of a hacker, eh?)

So how does this connect to the Gospel? Well, it goes to show that there is still justice in this world - after all, who doesn't like to see the self-righteous pricks get what they deserve?

On the other hand, it's a little sobering to think that Jesus loves dumb-as-rocks people like this just as much as he loves piously-nice-and-intelligent people like you and me. And there's a part of me that doesn't really like that.

It's always interesting to see who we identify with in stories like this. I wonder how many of us are really that different from this guy who confidently (yet stupidly) shoots himself in the foot.

After all, we do the same thing with God all the time...


At 7:26 PM, April 27, 2005, Blogger Charles said...

Ah, loopback. You have to love high school kids who want to "hack".

Hey, I think we all have our "self-righteous prick" days. Probably a lot more than we think. So maybe it is good that God loves the self-righteous pricks of the world, because, after all, they are us. Substitute “sinners” for “self-righteous pricks”. Is there really a difference between the two, or is one more vulgar and/or catchy?

So what is up lately with all the hip language? Two posts referencing pot and a post using the words "self-righteous pricks" all in the span of less than a week? Is this your feeble attempt to try and connect to pot smoking self-righteous prick unbelievers on the off chance that they will see your site in Google? ;)

At 7:37 PM, April 27, 2005, Blogger Christian said...

Yes, 'self-righteous prick' is pretty synonymous with 'sinner', and yes, I agree that all of us fall into this category way more than we are probably aware or would like to admit.

As for the hip language,

a) I'm trying to make up for my recent spate of theological mumbo jumbo, where I used words like 'justification' and 'sanctification' all over the place. Those are important words, but it takes a lot of other words to flesh out what they mean.

b) the problem with words like 'sinner' these days is they don't really rock anyone's world like they would have back in Jesus' day - you probably wouldn't care if someone called you a 'sinner', but I'll bet you wouldn't like it at all if they called you a 'prick'

And here I am saying we both fit that bill... :-)

At 4:09 AM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Mark Traphagen said...

I wonder how much of our theological wrangling and infighting ends up being like the hacker who attacks his own computer?

At 4:32 AM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Christian said...

Charles: one qualification on what I said last night. Jesus seems to reserve the 'prick' type language for 'sinners who refuse to see their sin', whereas for 'sinners who repent' he has nothing but compassion.

Foolish Sage: Yeah, that's a very good question. There's definitely something deja-vuish about this guy's actions.

At 7:20 AM, April 28, 2005, Blogger We Three Spences said...

That was hilarious and sad at the same time. We have all had moments when we are trying to be confident and cool, and suddenly everyone else is laughing at us not with us anymore.


At 9:33 PM, April 28, 2005, Blogger Charles said...

And then there is the stone guy. One smart lad says something that the hackers (aka bad people in the Church) don't like. The hackers stone the guy. But at the end of the day, all they do is destroy their own computer (aka the Church).

Just food for thought.


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