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Thursday, March 03, 2005

One Man's Story

I just stumbled across this link and thought I'd share it. It's one man's story of how faith in God actually changed his life.

In some ways it's kind of simple (maybe even a bit stereotypical?), but it struck me as straighforward, sincere, and genuine. I enjoyed reading it because it sounded authentic. I didn't hear any wallowing in past sins, any pride in the fleshly indulgences. I heard someone whose life really was out of control, who really does feel that God reached in and saved him. Someone who is now interested in sharing that experience with others.

In some ways, this is not at all like my story - mine was much less dramatic, much less extreme. And yet the end of the day, this man and I both have much in common - we have both been touched by the same living God; we have both been changed by the same passionate lover who was not content to leave us in our natural estate.

So go ahead, read this one man's story, and see if you can find yourself somewhere in the mix...


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