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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Christ IS Christianity

As I am studying for a test tonight, I ran across a great comment by a theologian named Herman Bavinck. Speaking of Christ, he says this:
"Christianity stands in a very different relationship to the person of Christ than any other religions do to the person who founded them. Jesus was not the first confessor of the religion named after his name. He was not the first and most important Christian. He occupies a place wholly unique in Christianity... Christ is himself Christianity... without his name, person, and work there is no such thing as Christianity. In one word, Christ is not the one who points the way to Christianity, but he is the way itself."
-Bavinck, Our Reasonable Faith (p281)
I think he hits the nail square on the head - Jesus makes Christianity unique because he actually DOES something upon which everything else in Christianity rests. I can't think of any other religion that works this way...


At 9:17 PM, March 08, 2005, Blogger Molly said...

Thanks for sharing that, Christian. It's nuggets like this that help us to 'press on' in our studies!

I hope your studying and your exam go well :)


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