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Friday, March 17, 2006

Cancer and Dental Floss

A couple of weeks ago, Molly mentioned how John Piper says Don't Waste Your Cancer. I thought of this tonight, when our own Westminster Seminary prof Al Groves did this very thing, contemplating on Flossing as an Act of Hope as he faces incurable melanoma.

And then there's this: it turns out CCEF's David Powlison has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He's taken the time to add some commentary on each of Piper's 10 points, and it is well worth your consideration.

I'd encourage you all to take a few minutes and read these dying men's thoughts, and ask yourself what you'd be thinking if you were in their shoes. Now ask yourself what could possibly allow them to respond to death this way? A: Real faith in a resurrected Christ.

If you pray regularly, I'd encourage you to add both of these men to your list...


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