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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Uncomfortable People

SLD regular Foolish Sage has a post worth reading, about Reverend Andrew and Don the Vet.
I haven't thought about Don the Vet in years. It's not a pleasant memory. But it came back to me in a rush as I was desperately trying to break off my bizarre conversation with The Reverend Andrew.

I realized that not much had changed in thirty years. When confronted by a person like this, my impulse was to try to "give him the gospel" and get away.

I'm sure that at least in some small part of my motivation there was genuine concern for the spiritual well-being of Don and Andrew, but I'm all too aware that my overriding goal was to just make them shut up. I couldn't deal with that much reality, with people who wear their battered souls in front of you, as visible as the stained army jackets on their backs
Do yourself a favor and check the whole thing out...


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