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Friday, June 10, 2005

20 things to know in your 20's

i've been reading a magazine called relevant for about a year now. i've become somewhat bored with the trendiness of the magazine recently, but every now and then they have an interesting article that grabs my attention. their book section has some really great titles though such as the one that i want to buy right now, the naked christian (click here for a sample chapter).

anyway the recent article that grabbed my attention from their current issue is titled 2o things to know in your 20's by Colin Creel. here's the list:
  1. live below your means
  2. live life like an adventure, do not merely endure it
  3. honor god with your resources
  4. create a clear picture of your "dream" spouse. "take out a sheet of paper and recognize those traits, both physical emotional, that are important to you. wait and pray. i had to wait eight years after i wrote the list, but yowza, she was worth the wait."
  5. stop wrestling with god
  6. wait on god's timing
  7. do not settle for anything less than god's best
  8. take time to fill up
  9. critique your bookshelf
  10. pay god, pay yourself, pay your bills
  11. establish perspective
  12. invest in people
  13. pay your dues, "do not be in such a hurry to climb to the top or to find the 'perfect' job. think of each job as an opportunity to enhance your skill set."
  14. christ doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies those he calls
  15. face your fears
  16. guard against the tyrrany of the urgent
  17. enjoy your freedom
  18. establish disciplines
  19. writed down your prayers
  20. dream
each of these has a short explanation as well, which i don't think i'm at liberty to give you here without doing some copywrite injustice. i gave you two quotes from the explanations under 4 and 13.

as i approach the end of my 20's i can honestly say that this is a great list. 20-somethings like myself are in such a hurry to get going in life and establish themselves that we don't often take time out to do many of these things. ironically, the things that drive us often also inhibit us from taking this kind of advice.

what do you guys think of this list? is there more you would add?


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